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NB Gin: Beauty in Simplistic Execution

There’s a lot of stock these days placed in so-called ‘Artisan’ gins. Gins that pride themselves on taking the most esoteric botanicals, and combining them into a heady, floral mix. It’s definitely a trend. In fact, my good friend who works for one of these distilleries confirmed it. You get[…]

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Driving Gloves Featured Image

Dents Driving Gloves from Tom Dick and Harry

DRIVING GLOVES are essentially an anachronism. Unless you spend your time driving around in your Bugatti Type 23, complete with driving goggles, you’ll most likely have a car that really doesn’t justify driving gloves. Or at least, not for driving’s sake. But there are times when it’s just plain bloody[…]

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Mr. Jenks: Italian-Made Pocket Squares

Sounding like the name of your trusted butler, or perhaps more crassly, a left-of-field euphemism one may use to affectionately refer to his manhood; Mr. Jenks is, in fact, an Irish based purveyor of the finest men’s accessories. Predominantly focussed in pocket squares, while also dabbling in umbrellas and lapel[…]

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Mansense Ep2 Dating Featured Image

Mansense Episode II: Dating

Episode II: Dating Yes, I know this is a luxury blog… but dammit if those who don’t appreciate the finer things in life also need some help with the ladies.  I’m not going to teach you the erogenous zones (try Google), or how best to run ‘game’ and the perfect[…]

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Dancys Arlo Geometric Featured Image

Getting Geometric with Dancys

Dancys Geometrics – A Break from Florals Dancys of London popped up on my radar when by chance I retweeted one of their tweets to win a pair of socks. As luck would have it, I did win, and they were duly dispatched to me. I was immediately impressed with[…]

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