Operation Body Fat Featured Image Week 2

Operation Body Fat 2017: Week 2

I’m now two weeks into Operation Body Fat 2017, and I think this is the first week where I’m really starting to see some progress. As I discussed last week, there are never going to be any quick wins. It’s going to take patience and perseverance to get down to[…]

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Operation Body Fat 2017: Week 1

Doesn’t time fly. Just this time last week I was sitting down to write the first part of this Operation Body Fat series, which you can read here. In it, I discussed my targets for this challenge, and calculated my nutritional needs to achieve my goal of 10 percent body[…]

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Operation Body Fat 2017 Featured Image

Operation Body Fat 2017: Week Zero

Well, here we go folks. “New Year, New You”, as they say. I gave some real thought as to whether I would want to write about this on Manporium, whether it would fit in with ‘my brand’ (darling) and so on. Ultimately though, I thought back to a piece I[…]

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