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NB Gin: Beauty in Simplistic Execution

There’s a lot of stock these days placed in so-called ‘Artisan’ gins. Gins that pride themselves on taking the most esoteric botanicals, and combining them into a heady, floral mix. It’s definitely a trend. In fact, my good friend who works for one of these distilleries confirmed it. You get[…]

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Mansense Episode 1: Gin

Mansense I: Gin – A Guide

Episode I: Gin There are certain incontrovertible things that all men should know, and so I’ve decided to do my best to impart this wisdom through my Mansense series (number of episodes to be decided – hopefully many). First and foremost: gin. No man (or indeed woman) should be without[…]

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Wine Tasting with Le Petit Ballon

Wine and Musing in Soho with Le Petit Ballon While at the Minute & Azimut watch launch, I bumped into Pauline from Le Petit Ballon, who was keen to introduce me to their new wine subscription service.  Being the vinophile that I am, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, so[…]

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What You Should Be Drinking: Caipirinha

What You Should Be Drinking: The Caipirinha

WYSBD: The Caipirinha There are some days when you really don’t want to faff about with a complicated, elaborate drink that requires some real forethought as to ingredients and glassware.  Sometimes, you just want a drink. I guess today would be one of those days for me.  For some unknown[…]

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What You Should Be Drinking: Negroni

What You Should Be Drinking: The Negroni

A couple of weeks ago, WYSBD was a Negroni-inspired beer developed with The Langham’s Artesian bar.  This week, I’m going to introduce you to the real deal. Now, I’m not even going to try and touch the history of this drink.  It is so desperately complicated, controversial, esoteric, and at[…]

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Opium Cocktail & Dim Sum Parlour, London

Opium Chinatown If you weren’t looking for Opium Chinatown, you’d never know it was there. You won’t find it on street view (I tried, so that I could show you). On its website, you’ll simply see its address as ‘The Jade Door’.  Locating said door is not particularly easy when[…]

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