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Advanced Derma-Care from Gentlemen’s Tonic

Getting My Science on With Advanced Derma-Care After being pampered at the hands of Gentlemen’s Tonic, I was keen to try some products from their new Advanced Derma-Care range. Developed in-house with one of Europe’s leading laboratories, this comsmoceutical range is specifically designed for men’s skin. “But it’s just skin!”[…]

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Grooming in Mayfair: Gentlemen’s Tonic

Gentlemen’s Tonic: It’s a Tough Life I’m not going to lie, I literally have no excuse for being badly groomed at the moment.  First I was off to the barbers at the Bulgari hotel for Quintessentially, then a few short weeks later, Penhaligon’s, and only a week after that I[…]

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The Gentleman’s Grooming Show

London Has Never Been Better Groomed: The Gentleman’s Grooming Show This December, be prepared for a treat… no, not the fat man in the red suit.  The Gentleman’s Grooming Show.  On the 3rd of December, the team at Influential Events will deliver the UK’s first ever grooming show dedicated to[…]

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Made in Britain: Gruhme No.14

Gruhme No.14 The good chaps at Gruhme were kind enough to send me a bottle of their new fragrance, Gruhme No.14, for me to try last week. Now that I’ve spent a good few days wearing it (which is a testament in and of itself), I thought I would share[…]

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