Review: Davidoff ‘Pause’ Selection

Davidoff ‘Pause’ Selection

Whilst perusing World of Duty Free in Gatwick, I found in their humidor a Davidoff selection that caught my eye. Having never smoked them before, I thought their ‘Pause’ selection might present rather a good opportunity. None of the sticks were too large, so I wouldn’t find myself lumbered with something completely unpalatable; and it should otherwise provide a fairly good introduction to the brand.

The selection is specifically designed to showcase some of the brand’s best cigars to those who have a hectic lifestyle and can only find a short time to enjoy a cigar. Now, I’m not one of these people. Do I lead a busy life? Yes, but I’m generally able to find some free time in the evenings if I want it. I expect this will change somewhat when the inevitable babies come along now that we’re married and no longer living together in sin.

I digress. So, without going into too much detail, there are 5 cigars in the box, with a range of flavour profiles. It starts with the Entreacto at the mild end and goes right up to the full-flavoured Puro d’Oro Sublimes at the other end of the spectrum. I’ll put the full details of all the sizes, formats and provenance at the bottom for those who are interested.

I thought I would start at the beginning with the Entreacto over a beer one afternoon. I have to be honest and say my relationship with this cigar, and thus Davidoff, didn’t begin particularly well. When I first bought the selection, I opened the box to have a look, and this was the first cigar I took out to inspect. As I was going though my usual ritual of rolling it around in my fingers and giving it a gentle squeeze, the cap started to crack off as I neared the head of the cigar. Not good.

Sure enough, when I cut the cigar, off came two thirds of the cap, and the thing just about held together without fully unravelling for me to smoke it. Further irritation came from the band being stuck to the wrapper – but I can largely forgive this. As for the cap cracking, I’m not entirely sure where the blame for this will lie. I suspect it’s two fold – firstly, the selection comes in a cardboard box with cellophane wrapped cigars. I don’t imagine this is particularly good for maintaining the correct environment for cigar storage. Secondly, I suspect that maybe the humidor at the duty free shop in Gatwick may not have been properly living up to its purpose in life. Anyway, I spent so much time thinking about this while smoking it, that I didn’t really enjoy it that much.

A few days later, however, I thought I would give the Sublimes a try – it’s much fuller-bodied, so this one came out during some after-dinner drinks. After a bit of time in my new humidor, with a couple of other sticks, even without a humidifier in it, the condition of the cigars seems to have improved. The Sublimes was really nice, a good strong smoke. I’m not 100% on the construction, it didn’t seem to hold its ash particularly well, so I did find at one point that it was burning a little hot for my taste, but to be perfectly honest at the price I paid for the selection, I can’t really be too fussy!

I also smoked the Primeros the night before dinner at the Kasbah Tamadot, and found this to be a really enjoyable cigar. This is not a big cigar at only a 34 ring gauge, but it was good. Strong, but with some really nice flavour to it. There was some bitterness towards the end, but the first two thirds were excellent.

I’ve previously steered clear of non-Cuban cigars, I guess because you are more or less trained into believing that they are the best. After my introduction to Davidoff, however, I’m prepared to change my mind. I can’t be absolutely sure, but I’m thinking the flavour of the Sublimes was more to my taste. On my any back through duty free I bought another Puro d’Oro selection, so I’m going to test this theory… So you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

The Details

Davidoff Entreacto

Short Corona
3 ½” 34 Ring Gauge
Dom. Republic

Davidoff Millennium Blend Short Robusto

4 ¼” 52 Ring Gauge
Dom. Republic

Davidoff Nicaragua Short Corona

3 ¾” 46 Ring Gauge

Davidoff Puro d’Oro Sublimes

Petit Panatela
4 ½” 38 Ring Gauge
Dom. Republic

Primeros Maduro by Davidoff Nicaragua

Petit Panatela
4 1/8” 34 Ring Gauge
Dom. Republic

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