New Humidor

Honeymoon in Morocco: New Humidor

Finding a New Humidor in Marrakech

While we were touring the souks of Marrakech, we were starting to get a bit tired of our guide just taking us to the various touristy shops (where I’m pretty sure he may have been taking a cut for any sales), and thought I would give him the challenge of finding me a new cigar humidor.  This has been coming for some time, and culminated in my trip through duty free in Gatwick on the way out, realising that I could get some really good cigars for some really good prices.  So, suddenly, I was in possession of more cigars than I have ever been (apart from a brief period where I had a box of 10 Romeo No. 3’s for my stag do, but as they weren’t wholly for my consumption, they don’t count), some of them weren’t in tubes, and I don’t smoke them often enough for them to stay fresh even if they were.

My guide came through! He took me to a stall in what felt like the back corner of the souks, and the shop keeper showed me this beautifully in-laid box of cedar that I almost instantly fell in love with.  It’s varnished, so won’t need seasoning (that is, the process of bringing the wood up to the right level of moisture content), and rightly or wrongly, I feel that the fact it is varnished makes it slightly less of a worry to me that it is likely not in Spanish Cedar (which is the truly right wood for humidors – it’s oily, but has a very low scent, so won’t heavily influence the flavour of the cigars).

After a bit of haggling, I picked up the beauty for 900MAD (that’s around £70).  All it needs now is a humidifier and a hygrometer and we’re away.  For the time being, I’m hoping the cigars will act as their own natural humidifiers until it arrives.

The trouble is, now that I have a humidor, I’m filled with the compulsion to populate it with unusual cigars.  Anna buys expensive cosmetics (£76 for some moisturiser), well, I’m going to buy cigars.

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