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Matte Carbon Cigar Tube from VSB London

After seeing them pop up on Twitter by sheer chance, I thought I might get in touch with VSB to see whether they might be interested in sending me along one of their luxury cigar accessories to have a look at.

I must admit, when Sanjeev at VSB agreed to send me something over, I was hopeful for one of their leather cigar pouches – the main reason being that I’m a touch old-school, and leather is generally far more up my street than carbon fibre.  I usually find carbon fibre when used outside of the realm of motorsport a little bit of a gimmick: typically the execution leaves a little to be desired.

VSB London Cigars

Now, with that preface, let me tell you that the cigar tube from VSB is nothing of the sort.  Yes, it is carbon fibre, but is it tacky? Absolutely not. It’s a pleasure to behold. Finished in a satin lacquer, the tube has a silky quality that feels wonderful in your hand.

The attention to detail is fantastic, too. Rather than a simple chrome, the metal accents of the tube are plated in a tinted chrome, and this (coupled with the matte lacquer on the carbon fibre) tips the scales firmly from ‘tacky and ostentatious’ to ‘classy and unusual’.

The interior of the tube is no different. It’ll take a Churchill cigar up to a 52 ring gauge with no trouble, and will keep your precious smoke safe from harm.

VSB London Cigar Tube

The tube seals tightly, so provided that your cigar is properly stored, it should keep for a good while – I would imagine you’d pretty safely leave a stick in there for several days and have it come out fresh at the other end.  However, I wonder if a useful addition to the product might be some Spanish Cedar to line the inside of the tube.  As the material of choice for humidors, I think a strip of cedario might only serve to better keep your cigars in their optimum storage conditions.

A final note: I’ve worked with carbon fibre for significant parts of my career, and I know how difficult it is to get it looking ‘just-so’. I don’t know who VSB have used, but I can tell you that it’s very, very good quality. The join along the length of the tube where the carbon is wrapped around is near imperceptible, and there isn’t a deformed weave in sight.

VSB London Cigar Tube

I’ll be looking forward to using this tube from VSB to protect my precious cigars, and as a real testament to its quality, will happily have it displayed upon the table in front of me, rather than confined to a jacket pocket (which certainly wouldn’t do it the justice it deserves!).


Matte Carbon Fibre and Dark Chrome Cigar Tube




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