What You Should Be Drinking: Bloody Mary UK Blog Awards Special

What You Should Be Drinking: Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Last night was the UK Blog Awards, and whilst I was not able to attend – and certainly will be next year – based on the pictures that I have seen, I can imagine that there are a fair few of the UK’s (if not the world’s) bloggers waking up in London this morning with a slightly sore head. Fear not, my little friends, for I have the answer: Hair of the dog that bit you. In other words, a Bloody Mary.

I’ll speak quietly and use small words for you all this morning

“Best served with Eggs Benedict, coffee and a couple of paracetamol”

We all know the Bloody Mary. Vodka and tomato juice, with loads of Tobasco and Worcestershire Sauce.  While this is strictly true, in the same way that a crème brûlée is a bit of cream, some eggs and vanilla chucked in the oven, then set on fire; it doesn’t quite do it justice.

I did say I was going to use small words – so I’m not going to faff around too much this morning with history.  I will tell you this: the drink was rumoured to have been created at Harry’s Bar in Paris in the mid 1920’s, before migrating over to the ‘States around 10 years later after prohibition was lifted in 1933.

“It doesn’t quite do a crème brûlée justice to describe it as a bit of cream, some eggs and vanilla chucked in the oven, then set on fire.”

Here’s How to Make It

Get yourself a nice tall glass (a high-ball, to be precise).  Got it? Good. Now fill it with ice.  Get a cocktail shaker, and throw some vodka in it (50ml should do).  Grab a lemon and cut him in half. Squeeze the juice of one of those halves into the shaker.  Now add around 150ml of tomato juice – get the plain stuff, as you’re going to be adding all the flavour.

Speaking of flavour, this next bit is largely to taste. Take a pinch of celery salt, five dashes of Lea and Perrins, 3 dashes of Tobasco, half a tea-spoon of horseradish sauce, and toss it all into the shaker.  Now add some ice, and don’t shake, but roll the mixture.  Tomato juice goes a bit weird when you shake the bejeezus out of it.  All you’re trying to do here it chill it down and make sure the ingredients are nicely combined.  Have a taste – adjust as necessary.

Now strain into your glass.  Some people like to drizzle just a little bit of Fino sherry onto the top. Be my guest. Remember that lemon you cut in half? Slice of a chunk and throw it in there. Crack a sprinkle of black pepper on top, and throw a celery stalk into it, too (with leaves on, because pretty).

Bloody Mary – done. Best served with? Eggs Benedict, coffee and a couple of paracetamol.


  1. Every time I think about a Bloody Mary I’m dubious but as I get older I think I want to try it more! May have to use your recipe soon!!

    1. Do it! And send me a picture of your work… and not just because I couldn’t find a free bloody mary photo I liked anywhere on t’internet!!


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