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Beauty Industry Impact on Modern Men – Guest Blog

For Better and For Worse: How the Beauty Industry Affects the Modern Man

People are constantly commenting on how the beauty industry changes women’s lives for better or worse, but what about men? We too are affected by all the changes happening, and we are direct participants of the process.

Certainly, there are unreal beauty standards hurting men, but there are also those that are making our lives much easier and better. Interest in grooming is on the rise among the men around the globe, and the annoying question, “Bro, do you even lift?” is not the only appearance-related remark we can come to expect from the modern man.

In this article we will try to reach a better understanding of the impact of the beauty industry on men, for good and for bad.

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Body Shaming Is a Thing

Many people believe that body shaming is an issue exclusive to women, while men are free to look however they please. Well, sorry to break it to you, chaps, but the beer belly is not always held in high regard, especially on the ads and in movies promoting the “ideal” male physique. Just look at some of the best footballers on the world, such as Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard, whose names are being dragged across the media alongside the epithets like “fat”.

It is no wonder than that men are becoming increasingly concerned with their appearance, when even the most successful among them are not beyond reproach.

Spot On

Did you notice that, more often than not, the “loser” in some TV commercial almost always the guy with spots? This may be one of the reasons why men are terrified by their image, getting desperate if they see even just a single pimple. Spots are very common, but they can be dealt with by using some easy to get hold of organic products.

Speaking of Organic…

One of those, previously mentioned, positive impacts of beauty industry on men is the transition to organic beauty lines, which are not harmful for the skin. On the contrary, those formulas nourish and improve the skin’s appearance.

Britain’s love affair with all things natural does not stop at female affection, and we can see many men shopping for organic cosmetics in the UK, and other countries are catching up too.

Caring for the Skin

Until recently the male notion of skincare was simply washing their face and shaving, but today much has changed. Men are starting to recognise skin types and use different products to suit. Some of the major concerns are aging skin, oily skin, spots and body hair.

Today, men are using products intended to solve specific skin complaints such as wrinkles, oily skin and breakouts; instead of all-uses and all-skin-types mixes.

In fact, it is important to understand that sometimes men need the proper skincare even more than women, since they are constantly damaging and drying their skin up by shaving.

Beauty Industry Impact on Men

Care about the Hair, Too

We are very quick to forget how much men of the fifties and sixties cared about their hair, and few realise how much the modern man’s dedication to his hair eclipses that of these decades.

The number of hair and beard products intended for grooming is skyrocketing, but also that the notion of hairstyle can be applied to much more than simply cutting the hair and trimming the ends. Men’s braids are also a major trend, sported by many celebrities – including the future Joker, Jared Leto – and judging by the numbers adopting this trend, it is clear men, as much as women, are becoming true followers of fashion and beauty trends.

The beauty industry is also a driving force for the growing number of men deciding to undergo various cosmetic procedures, in order to enhance some physical features or remove some body/face flaws.

Still, the choice of whether to allow these occurrences to make you insecure or to use them to your advantage is strictly up to you.

Peter Minkoff Beauty Industry Impact on Men

Peter is a beauty and fashion writer at Shlur magazine from UK, living in London and occasionally in Brisbane, Australia.

Besides writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Australia.

He plans in the future to create a business for beauty and style consulting.

You can find him on Twitter @MinkoffPeter

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