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The Gentleman’s Grooming Show

London Has Never Been Better Groomed: The Gentleman’s Grooming Show

This December, be prepared for a treat… no, not the fat man in the red suit.  The Gentleman’s Grooming Show.  On the 3rd of December, the team at Influential Events will deliver the UK’s first ever grooming show dedicated to us modern gents.

On reflection, perhaps Santa, being of the beardy persuasion may want to make a pre-Christmas visit.  He could wax that baby up, make sure it was beautifully conditioned.

I can see it now… Majestic, waxed handlebar, beard soft and luxurious, flowing over his shoulder as he careens around the world atop his sleigh.

It’s possible I’ve gotten a bit carried away.

Gentlemans Grooming ShowAnyway, back on point – The Gentleman’s Grooming Show. It rather does what it says on the tin, doesn’t it? Held beneath the arches of the London Tobacco Dock, be prepared for a veritable smorgasbord of grooming and lifestyle products all aimed at us men.

They’ve got the likes of Gruhme, who’ll surely be bringing you more of their excellent No. 14; organic and aquatic soaps and grooming products from Alluvian, and military-grade beard oils from Tactical Beard Oils, to name a few.

You’ll be treated to a wee dram of whiskey on your arrival, which you can sip as you mooch around the treats on offer, take part in the seminars or seek advice on how to best care for one’s face furniture.

So, why not come down to the Gentleman’s Grooming Show, get yourself preened and polished.  You might even see Santa.

Tickets are on sale now, for the bargain price of £10 – get yours here.


The Gentleman’s Grooming Show

3rd December 2016

Tobacco Dock

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