Mansense Ep2 Dating Featured Image

Mansense Episode II: Dating

Episode II: Dating Yes, I know this is a luxury blog… but dammit if those who don’t appreciate the finer things in life also need some help with the ladies.  I’m not going to teach you the erogenous zones (try Google), or how best to run ‘game’ and the perfect[…]

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Dancys Arlo Geometric Featured Image

Getting Geometric with Dancys

Dancys Geometrics – A Break from Florals Dancys of London popped up on my radar when by chance I retweeted one of their tweets to win a pair of socks. As luck would have it, I did win, and they were duly dispatched to me. I was immediately impressed with[…]

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Mansense Episode 1: Gin

Mansense I: Gin – A Guide

Episode I: Gin There are certain incontrovertible things that all men should know, and so I’ve decided to do my best to impart this wisdom through my Mansense series (number of episodes to be decided – hopefully many). First and foremost: gin. No man (or indeed woman) should be without[…]

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Advanced Derma-Care Featured Image

Advanced Derma-Care from Gentlemen’s Tonic

Getting My Science on With Advanced Derma-Care After being pampered at the hands of Gentlemen’s Tonic, I was keen to try some products from their new Advanced Derma-Care range. Developed in-house with one of Europe’s leading laboratories, this comsmoceutical range is specifically designed for men’s skin. “But it’s just skin!”[…]

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Gentlemen's Tonic Featured Image

Grooming in Mayfair: Gentlemen’s Tonic

Gentlemen’s Tonic: It’s a Tough Life I’m not going to lie, I literally have no excuse for being badly groomed at the moment.  First I was off to the barbers at the Bulgari hotel for Quintessentially, then a few short weeks later, Penhaligon’s, and only a week after that I[…]

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Buying Your First Mechanical Watch - Image Courtesy of Zenith

Buying Your First Mechanical Watch

How to Buy Your First Mechanical Watch: A Short Guide I remember when I bought my first mechanical watch.  It was around a year after I graduated from university, and since I was living at home and earning a fairly good salary, I thought I would treat myself for my[…]

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