Made to Measure Shirt from Alexandra Wood

Alexandra Wood Bespoke made to measure shirtYou may have read, a few weeks back, that I had visited the lovely Alexandra Wood to see her shop and get myself measured up for a shirt.

Well, it’s here!

Actually, I confess, it’s been here for a few weeks. I just haven’t a) found the time to iron it and b) found the opportunity to get photographs of me wearing it. In fact, the problem was more complicated than that. It became a Venn diagram. I had to find the intersection of the two. Times when both I had ironed the shirt, and my lovely wife was available to take the pictures.

There you go, insight into my fascinating life. Ironing, photography and Venn diagrams.

Anyway, when first the shirt arrived, I couldn’t resist trying it on. Disassembling it from the complicated way that new shirts are folded, with clips, bits of plastic and tissue paper; I slipped my right arm into the sleeve. A little noise came out of me (not gas), almost completely reflexively.

Why the noise? Well, I just knew, from that moment, that this Alexandra Wood Bespoke made to measure shirtwas going to be something special.  It had been made just for me, to the unique (and hilarious) contours of my body. Threading my arm through the sleeve, it was immediately clear just how well it would fit.

And fit it does.  I’m a tall chap, and invariably find that it’s hard to find a shirt where the sleeve length is just right. Thankfully, translated from the quick set of measurements Alexandra took on that Saturday morning, there was no risk of any sleeve length faux-pas here.

Given that it’s made to measure, I had the choice of cuff and collar styles, too. I’ve previously written about the myriad choices here, so I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Do I go with the esoteric and left of field cocktail cuff (aka the James Bond cuff)? A wide-spread collar? A cutaway?

Alexandra Wood Bespoke made to measure shirtI elected for something a bit more conservative. I’ve got no end of smart shirts, and the vast majority of them have double cuffs. Which are great, but a little formal say for a trip to a bar. So for the button cuff I went, with a fairly conservative spread on the collar.

I love this shirt. It fits perfectly, beautifully cut, slim fitting while forgiving; and made from beautiful twill cotton.

You can get one for yourself, too. Prices start from £150. Just arrange an appointment with Alexandra, and she’ll get you measured up and in a few short weeks, you’ll be the proud owner of one of these truly fantastic shirts.

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  1. I really loved the Alexandra wood shirt. Good to know that it fits perfectly, beautifully cut and slim fitting. The collar style is unique and impressive. I am also going to buy the same style shirt for my husband. Super cool!

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