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Getting Geometric with Dancys

Dancys Geometrics – A Break from Florals

Dancys of London popped up on my radar when by chance I retweeted one of their tweets to win a pair of socks. As luck would have it, I did win, and they were duly dispatched to me. I was immediately impressed with them, and took it upon myself to do a bit more research on their range and reach out to see if they might like to send over a couple of their pocket squares for me to write about.

I was particularly interested in their geometric designs – fashion of late has leaned more towards the floral, and it makes for a refreshing change to see some nice clean lines.

Err, Who?

“Who are Dancys?” I hear you cry. Well, they’re the new kids on the block for men’s accessories – namely socks, pocket squares and ties. All their products manufactured right here in Blighty, with British-made materials and all are designed in their studio. Sounds promising, no?

So what are they like?

Lovely. First off, they’re cotton, not silk – so they’ve got an altogether different feel and patina. Being cotton, it does mean that they hold their shape far better than silk. Cotton is that bit stiffer and heaver, and coupled with the rougher finish, I found that I was able to get a far more structured fold. Bonus.

Dancys Arlo Geometric
Arlo Geometric Print from Dancys

Both of these prints come from their geometric range, and are available with matching ties (though personally I’d never recommend exactly matching your tie to your pocket square – one should be there as an accent).

Dancys Otto Geometric
Otto Geometric Print from Dancys

So why not give these a try and inject a bit of colour? For a bonus, have a look at the graphic below to fold like a pro!

Dancys Folding Tutorial
Fold a Pocket Square Like a Pro!


Otto and Arlo Geometric Print Pocket Squares

£30 each



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