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Dents Driving Gloves from Tom Dick and Harry

DRIVING GLOVES are essentially an anachronism. Unless you spend your time driving around in your Bugatti Type 23, complete with driving goggles, you’ll most likely have a car that really doesn’t justify driving gloves. Or at least, not for driving’s sake.

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But there are times when it’s just plain bloody cold when getting into your car first thing in the morning, and at times like this it’s just so much nicer to wear gloves to keep your hands warm. What better way to do so than to wrap your hands in these beautiful examples from Dents, courtesy of Tom Dick and Harry.

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Established in 1777, Dents have been manufacturing some of the finest leather gloves for literally centuries – a claim few manufacturers can make, I’m sure.

These particular examples are made from Cabretta leather, a leather that comes from sheep that grow hair, not wool – mostly sourced from Nigeria and Ethiopia.  While being durable, it’s also thinner and more elastic than other leathers, so is perfect for driving gloves, where tactility and grip remains important. You’ll also find it on golf gloves, for the very same reason. Any golfists among you will know how lovely golf gloves feel.

Driving Gloves Glovebox

Now, these gloves are unlined, so they’re not going to be helping you out particularly in Arctic conditions, but for a typical frosty British morning, they’ll do just the job. Plus, they look absolutely awesome.

The leather is fantastically soft, and the perforations and knuckle cutouts really give the gloves an edge.  Forget wearing them for driving, use them to pop a bit of colour to a winter coat (they’re available in red/black and red/grey combinations too).

Driving Gloves Steering Wheel

The team at Tom Dick and Harry were kind enough to send me a pair of these gloves, and they have all manner of other men’s accessories available too – scarves, pocket squares, Panamas; you name it. They’re all fantastic quality and almost all made in the UK, so you can be sure to find something really special.

Dents Waverley Driving Gloves in Two Tone Blue and Black


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