Jeffery-West Brilleaux Gibson - Image Courtesy of Jeffery-West

Jeffery-West – A Real Statement Shoe

Jeffery-West Brilleaux Gibsons

Jeff-West Brilleaux Gibson
Image Courtesy of Jeffery-West

Whilst buying my wedding suit at Thackeray’s in Milton Keynes (review to come), I couldn’t help but notice these Jeffery-West gibsons sat there, just waiting to be bought for ‘the big day’. So I did.

Jeffery-West are thorough-bred Northampton-based shoe makers, but with a difference. They don’t try to be a Barkers or a Church’s – you won’t find a traditional toe capped Oxford in their range. Instead, they draw their inspiration from – to use their words, “a swath of swashbucklers, wits and hell raisers”.

The Brilleaux Wing Gibsons are definitely a statement shoe, by normal standards, but are more at the conservative end of the Jeff-West spectrum. They feature diamond brogueing, their trademark cross-stamped toe and a wonderful curlicue detail to the side.

As always, the devil is in the detail, and these shoes don’t disappoint. Further reference to their hell-raising inspiration features on the quotation printed on the red leather interior, “Abandon yourself to chance and chaos”, and on the leather sole, “Decadence, Sleaze and Excess”.

My one slight disappointment is that it really didn’t take long for the text to wear off the sole. I was hoping to get a photo taken of it at the wedding – maybe in the future Jeff-West can de-boss it a little deeper so that it can withstand a few wears.

I love these shoes. Like any good shoe, these seem to empower me. I can help but strut (a little), and people always comment on them. They can be dressed up (see coming wedding photos), or dressed down with jeans.

Jefferey-West Brilleaux Wing Gibsons

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