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Sock it to Me! The London Sock Exchange

I’M A GROWN MAN I have a degree, owned a house (up until recently), I’ve got married, I’ve got a good job. So why is it, that despite having done all of this growing up, I am the worst when it comes to buying socks.

I’m a planner, yet how do I manage to always leave it until my heels are worn thin, and my toes poke through the ends before I think “I should really buy socks”.

Even then, I don’t seem to be able to throw them away. No, they just get confined to the draw, forlorn and forever imprisoned in the dark.

London Sock Exchange We Will Sock You

Either I’m not alone in this affliction, or The London Sock Exchange have built their entire product offering around my incapacity for being a mature sock buyer.

The proposition is simple. Sign up for either an annual subscription (£60) as a gift and send that special person 12 socks, or a quarterly (£15 per quarter) and receive one box of three socks every three months.

London Sock Exchange Socks

So, that solves my buying socks every Olympic year problem. What to do with the old ones? Well, TLSE have got that covered too. In their boxes is a pre-paid returns label. Simply drop the old socks into the box and send them back. They recycle them, and the planet (and your sock drawer) will thank you for it.

London Sock Exchange Style Notes

The London Sock Exchange literally do all the work for you. They curate the designs and provide the style cues. The socks are beautifully made, with a super-fine 200 needle count and hand stitched toe seams.

London Sock Exchange No Ordinary Socks

What are you waiting for? Christmas is coming. Treat someone who has sock game as bad as me, or treat yourself.

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