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Minute and Azimut Bisham Avant Launch

Minute and Azimut

Minute and Azimut Bell JarOn Wednesday last week I was invited along to the launch of the first watch from Minute and Azimut – the Bisham Avant.  Fan of watches that I am, I couldn’t resist, and stopped by to have a look.

I was really impressed with Winnie, the founder’s passion for her product and the brand vision.  I managed to collar her for a quarter of an hour or so as she ‘worked the room’, and we had a quick chat about her approach and product raison d’être.

The first foray of Minute and Azimut into the watch market is the Bisham Avant.  Deliberately pitched in the affordable end of the market, the design references time pieces of the 1960’s and has a strong focus on quality of production and materials.  Testament to this is the use of the Swiss-made Ronda 673 movement.

Further attention to detail is evident in the crown Minute and Azimut Logopositioning.  Rather than the three o’clock position as is de rigeur among watch manufactures these days, Winnie elected to move the crown to two o’clock.  The reasoning behind this, for her, is simple: Winnie wears her watch on her right wrist, and finds that a traditionally-positioned crown is uncomfortable and leaves marks on her arm.  Even wearing a watch on my left wrist, I too have been victim to this on my chunkier watches.



Minute and Azimut Rear EtchingI wondered why Minute and Azimut decided to go for a quartz rather than mechanical movement.  For Winnie, it’s a two-part answer.  In the first instance, she wants to build the credibility of the brand before taking on the more elitist mechanical market.  Secondly, she notes that most women want slimmer watches, and a mechanical movement will naturally give a deeper case (unless you’re willing to spend mega-money).  I very much get the feeling, however, that this is a stepping stone, and she tells me she has plans for mechanical watches in the future.


Available in three different case finishes – silver, gold or copper, and with a range of different strap options, each individually numbered watch is limited to 500 pieces.


You can support the Minute and Azimut Kickstarter campaign here


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