Mr. Jenks: Italian-Made Pocket Squares

Sounding like the name of your trusted butler, or perhaps more crassly, a left-of-field euphemism one may use to affectionately refer to his manhood; Mr. Jenks is, in fact, an Irish based purveyor of the finest men’s accessories. Predominantly focussed in pocket squares, while also dabbling in umbrellas and lapel pins, it was their Italian-made silk pocket squares that piqued my interest.

Mr Jenks Pocket Square Brown Paisley Detail

Sourcing their traditional patterns from a catalogue handed down through generations of craftsmen, tweaking the colours to suit, or sometimes going completely off piste and drawing upon inspiration of local artists, the Dublin-based Mr. Jenks produce some really spot on, classic pocket squares.

Mr Jenks Pocket Square Red Paisley Detail

I opted for a couple of paisley designs, and was excited to see the box waiting patiently for me when I got home one evening.  The attention to detail starts from the moment you open the envelope, which is sealed with wax, before then opening the draw of the box and carefully unwrapping the silky treasures within from their tissue paper cocoon. (That’s one of my more elaborate descriptions…!)

Silky treasure indeed. Just look at them.

Mr Jenks Pocket Squares

The designs are intricate and the colours bright, deep, and at times almost moody. Subtly labelled with Mr. Jenks’ logo, and finely hemmed across the edges, the quality is unmistakable.

I can’t wait to wear them – the patterns are immensely eye-catching, and will give some real ‘pop’ to a jacket.  In addition, the ever-helpful Mr. Jenks have provided a some great videos of a few of the different ways you can fold you pocket square more maximum effect. Check them out here.

Fancy getting hold of some of Mr. Jenks’ fantastic pocket squares? Get yourself over to


Mr. Jenks Pocket Squares in Red & Green and Brown & Navy Paisley – €29.99 –

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